Emvertec Ceecon BI Condensing Economiser Diagram

What is a Condensing Economiser

And what benefits does it offer?

What is an Economiser?
Patented in 1845, Economisers have become ubiquitous in steam boiler plant worldwide. Hot flue gases waste valuable energy, the Economiser recovers some of this energy and reuses it, typically heating boiler feed water. In conventional Economisers cooling of flue gas has been traditionally conservative in order to avoid the corrosion of the tubing within the economiser resulting from the condensation of acid gases.

What is a Condensing Economiser?
In a Condensing Economiser flue gas temperature is reduced to below its dew point, thus condensing moisture and recovering latent heat (the energy content of water vapour as opposed to that of liquid water of the same temperature) as well a greater amount of sensible heat than can be recovered by a simple Economiser. An upshot of this is that a Condensing Economiser must be highly resistant to acid corrosion and can degrade in efficiency over time if heat exchange elements aren't kept clean. The Emvertec CEECON range of Condensing Economisers avoids this by using a corrosion free construction and as well as an automatic wash lance cleaning system in biomass plants.

What are the benefits of using a Condensing Economiser?

  • Can significantly increase the the thermal efficiency of plant
  • Can be used to increase electrical output of generating plant
  • Will reduce fuel consumption of utility plant
  • Can supply heat for external processes
  • Can reduce the moisture content of exhaust gases leaving the stack
  • The Emvertec CEECON range of Condensing Economiser go further than this, reducing a plant's environmental footprint by "polishing" flue gases, further reducing contaminant levels after conventional flue-gas contaminant removal systems and protecting downstream equipment from acid corrosion as well as offering high grade heat

Can my plant benefit from a condensing Economiser?
Emvertec CEECON Condensing Economisers are aimed at Power Only and Combined Heat and Power (C.H.P.) plants firing Biomass and other wet fuels including Municipal Waste plus Industrial Utility plant firing Natural Gas and standby fuel.

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