CEECON®-Bi Condensing Economisers installed in new UK Biomass Power Plant

Two CEECON®-Bi Condensing Economisers hove now been installed in the 22MW (e) Tansterne Biomass Power Plant. The plant will use 2x42t/hr Steam Power Boilers with bubbling fluidised bed combustion and will fire class 'C' waste wood.

The CEECON®-Bi Condensing Economisers are integrated into the boiler envelope, and will increase electrical output of the power plant by 1.0MW (e) at the generator and recovering over 5 MW (th) thermal energy.

Client: Heat Recovery Solutions (HRS) Ltd.

CEECON®-NG operational in new Utility Plant in Northwest UK

The CEECON®-NG Condensing Economiser has been operational 24hrs a day since March 2017 and provides heat for Boiler Feed Water, Make-Up Water and Burner Combustion Air to achieve over 94% net/gross thermal efficiency. The plant has 2x20t/hr Steam Utility Boilers firing Natural Gas.

Carbon Capture Pilot Plant using CEECON®-CC a success

The first CEECON® Condensing Economiser for an industrial scale pilot plant trial of the Future Environmental Technologies Cx process is installed and the plant is in full and successful operation.

In the not so far future, when to be allowed to burn a fossil fuel, industry will almost certainly have to capture the carbon dioxide produced, Emvertec CEECON® Condensing Economisers will be part of the Carbon Capture process, cooling and condensing the flue gas prior to treatment and at the same time recovering and re-cycling energy.

CEECON®-Bi at Scottish Bioenergy Plant reaches over 20,000 hrs of operation

A CEECON®-Bi Condensing Economiser has been installed in a Bio-Energy Plant as part of the original build . The plant is associated with a large distillery.

Emvertec's CEECON®-Bi Condensing Economiser is handling up to 125,000 kg/hr of flue gas from the combustion of 70% wet fuel from which it recovers energy and abates the stack plume. It has now reached over 20,000 operating hours.

CEECON®-NG at large food factory saves 0.3 TW of Natural Gas

The CEECON®-NG Condensing Economiser installed there handles the flue gas from 4 x 35 ton/hr steam boilers has now saved over 0.3 Terawatts of natural gas since starting up in 2005.

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