CEECON NG Condensing Economiser being transported

CEECON®-NG Condensing Economisers

For plants using Natural Gas.

EMVERTEC has been designing and supplying CEECON-NG condensing economiser units for nearly 30 years, they have developed a reputation for delivering maximum thermal efficiency with an attractive financial return, long life and minimal maintenance. They are employed in industrial utility boiler plants.

  • Corrosion free construction
  • Extracts the last drop of energy from boiler flue gasses
  • Proven in service
  • No contact between flue gas and the feed water
  • Built in Induced draft fan as required
  • Two heat transfer circuits, higher temperature for boiler feed water heating and lower temperature for make up water heating and also in combination
  • For ultimate efficiency can also provide extra energy to pre-heat combustion air
  • Exhaust flue gas leaving the unit can be dry and droplet free so that downstream equipment does not need protecting from acid corrosion
  • Supplied as factory pre-assembled units to minimise construction time at site.
  • Fitted with a dedicated PLC control system which can be interfaced with site data acquisition and management system and operate flue gas dampers
  • Ability to provide buffered make up water for cooling towers or other services
  • Can be supplied to abate the stack plume so that no plume will be visible for more than 95% of the year

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Large Food Processing Plant, England

A CEECON-NG condensing economiser was installed in the new build steam generating utility plant of one of the largest food processing plants in Europe in 2005.

CEECON-NG Condensing Economiser in operation A single CEECON-NG condensing economiser handles the flue gas from 4 x 35 ton/hr steam boilers and heats vacuum deaerator make-up water as well as boiler feed water. It condenses approximately 3-5t/hr of flue-gas moisture.

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