Ceecon BI Condensing Economiser

CEECON®-Bi Condensing Economiser

For Wet Biomass fuelled Combined Heat and Power and Power Only plants.

The CEECON-Bi condensing economiser can make large improvements to the plant's design thermal efficiency leading to increased power output and plant profitability. British designed and built to the highest standard the CEECON-Bi is corrosion-free and proven in service.

  • Corrosion free construction
  • Proven in service
  • No or minimal parasitic load when positioned before the I.D. Fan
  • Two heat transfer circuits: Higher temperature for integrating into the boiler plant or a dryer air heating system. Lower temperature for pre-heating duties in either boiler systems or dryer air inlet
  • Automatic built in wash lance cleaning system for all flue gas heat transfer elements
  • Exhaust flue gas leaving the unit is dry and droplet free so that downstream equipment does not need protecting from acid corrosion
  • Supplied as factory pre-assembled units to minimise construction time at site.
  • Employs a dedicated PLC control system which can be interfaced with site data acquisition and management system
  • "Polishes" flue gases by further reducing contaminant levels after conventional flue gas contaminant removal systems
  • Ability to provide buffered make up water for cooling towers or other services
  • Can be supplied to abate the stack plume so that no plume will be visible for more than 95% of the year

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Bio-Energy Plant, Hull, UK

2 Emvertec CEECON-Bi Condensing economisers have been installed in a Biomass Power Plant as part of the original build .

Emvertec Bi Ceecon Condensing Economisers in operation Each of Emvertec's CEECON-Bi condensing economisers are handling up to 80,000 kg/hr of flue gas from the combustion of Class C Recycled Wood in 2 fluidised bed boilers from which it recovers energy. The energy is used to heat combustion air and deaerator make-up water feeding the boilers.

Condensate from the CEECON-Bi condensing economisers is treated in a specialised Effluent Treatment Plant to provide raw water for the boilers.

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