Ceecon Bi Condensing Economiser


Designer and Supplier of the CEECON® Condensing Economiser Range

Emvertec technology has been developed by the company's founder John Vernon who has worked in the field of petrochemical and industrial heat transfer for over 40 years. Operating CEECON® condensing economiser units have racked up many years of service without corrosion problems despite operating in the temperature range normally avoided by economiser designers due to the fear of acid corrosion.

The design derives from a demonstration unit part funded by the DTI originally installed at British Steel's Ebbw Vale tin plate works in 1989. A condensate sampling unit was then built and installed at Fibropower at Eye in Suffolk, the first bioenergy power plant firing chicken litter in the world, which produces 12 MW of electricity. Following this a 1/50 th scale biomass test unit was built, part funded by a DTI grant, and subsequently tested at FibroPower.

The production design was created using CFD and FEA software and material selection from analysis of the results from our demonstration and test units, detail design is now carried out in 3D, from which the fabrication drawings are created. All CEECON® condensing economisers are custom designed to suit individual plant sizing requirements but in accordance with our established and proven design concepts.

The concept of a PAU (Pre-Assembled-Unit) was established with our production associates C.F. Struthers Ltd of Hull.

Computer control of the CEECON® was first employed in 1989 and has been constantly updated since then and now includes the facility for on-line monitoring of operating units.

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